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The Restaurant Company

Adopt a restaurant

A new and innovative way for investors to play a part in restaurant ownership; without the high risk

Adopt a Restaurant Anchor

Taking the edge off, for restaurant investors

With a restaurant failure rate of 85% and a Restaurant Company success rate of 98%, the answer is clear.


With all of the challenges that goes with owning restaurant, many owners make the largest oversight of under-budgeting their start-ups. Hence, the majority of restaurants fail within the first 3 years of opening. Because of this, there's a great opportunity for you. Amazing concepts, great foot traffic and high demand; but these underfunded restaurants need the financial support to get their business ready for service.  We are The Restaurant Company and these are some of our clients. After we diagnose most of our clients restaurants, we experience that their place is simply under-funded. They may not have enough equipment or enough to cover pay-roll until the money starts rolling in; but whatever the case these "infants" need your support. There are "little ones" all over the U.S. who just want to be loved. We always have clients willing to offer a healthy participation of their profits for just a little investment. 


Instead of going through the hassle and high risk of creating your own restaurant, invest in a Restaurant Company managed restaurant and participate in earning immediate money from an "adopted" restaurant, today!

Serving investors and restaurants since 1989. Adopt a restaurant today.

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