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Maximize the space to maximize your profit


We are professionals who know how to look beyond the surface finishes and trends. The Restaurant Company can truly help you maximize the space of your restaurant and how you want to use your restaurant. We are strategic with colors and functional with fabrics. Our ASID qualified designers are experts in the use and function of space. We make sure every portion of your space proves profitability.

Get exclusive and connected

We have resources. The Restaurant Company has several exclusive contractors and craftsmen ready to work. We know who does quality work and who's dependable, in your area. Our goal is to save you the  frustration and tears. The last thing we want is you to become, is the master of Craigslist. We take pride in having access to furniture and materials that the typical consumer will not have access to. This means we give you the pieces that are truly unique to your restaurant versus something every other restaurant has purchased from the local supplier.

Longterm savings


Making mistakes with poor furniture choices or the wrong shade of paint, or a poorly picked piece of cabinet, can cost you thousands of dollars. Even if you live with the poor decision, because you invested in it and you chose to ignore the constant customer distain, the frustration it costs might matter more than the dollars. We like to start from scratch to help prevent the waste and dissatisfaction.

No more mark-ups or hourly rates


Sky's the limit. A reputable and licensed designer will often charge an hourly fee plus a markup on any items they purchase for you. They might also do a project rate, where they charge a flat fee to do a specific project or area for you. Some designers also require a retainer of some sort, to cover purchases they make for you. We put all of this to an end. At The Restaurant Company, we charge a flat rate; with no hidden fees. We leave want to provide you piece of mind and nothing but room to create.  

Keep in mind that packages, limits and retainers vary. You'll get more information when you quote. All packages are subject to policy terms and conditions.

Two ways to quote. Tons of ways to save.

Get a Quote

We’re the #1 restaurant designer. Here’s why.


1 in 3 restaurants choose The Restaurant Company 





At The Restaurant Company, you get more. It’s that simple. More savings for you and your restaurant. More ways to save. More types of restaurant designs and concepts. And most importantly, more love for your dream. So go ahead, get a design or building quote online now and shine with the best restaurant consulting company.


Safer steps. Fewer worries. Better results.


It’s almost safe to assume that we have it covered. Design and Build with us and you’ll enjoy a more unique consulting package, just for you.

Save when you start & when you need us

You can get design or building package starting with 20% off* And we’ll kick in plenty of extra discounts (automatically applied during your quote). Plus, we’ll cover and pay for more if you do ever add additional packages. That means you can pay less now to start and during our services.

Ways to Save

Here’s just a few. See all our consulting discounts.


You could save 20% extra, if you have (or stack) another TRC Package. It could be anything: Bookkeeping, A new Vendor or HACCP plan.


Already interested in a package? Itemize your package, solely for the things you need and subtract all of the things you don't.

Pay Ahead

The easiest possible way to save. Just pay your consulting fee before service and an immediate 20% off of your package.

Join the #1 Consulting Team today, for 20% off. Get a quote

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