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How much is this going to cost?

With every packages you purchase, you can "stack" on another package for 20% less. For example: A client has purchased our Marketing Package and would also like to tighten up his/her menu, with a Menu Makeover Package. Because you "Stacked", The Restaurant Company will discount your contract by 30%. I see savings in your future.  

What is the process?

The more we fix, the more you save. Owners always worry about the price they are going to have to pay, because they have multiple restaurants. Other consultants charge an ridiculous prices for multi-location contracts; well not at The Restaurant Company. In fact, we do the opposite. For every additional location, we discount 50% from the original price. Now does that sound like a discount or what? 

What cities do the Restaurant Company service?

The Restaurant Company services all 50 states, as well as, Europe and Canada. 

What restaurants have the Restaurant Company  serviced?

The Restaurant Company has been working with restaurants, since 1989. Please take the time to look at our Portfolio.

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The Restaurant Company Corporation

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The Restaurant Company Customer Relations

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Payment Center

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Virginia Beach, VA 23464




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