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Talent is in the details


Join the #1 source in restaurant talent today. Staffing packages that will save up to 20% a year


Staffing packages that have made us the #1 source in restaurant talent 


Over 500 restaurants have worked with The Restaurant Company, making us one of the largest and most trusted sources of restaurant talent in the U.S. Your network is here! Take advantage of our talent and the packages we offer.

Temporary Recruit Package

Offering a gig or expecting a larger than normal crowd for your event? This package will fit you perfectly. We offer a quick, on demand staff for your spontaneous needs. We also keep the database on-hand, if you would like specific temps to return for another round.  

Work-for-Hire Package

We have work for hires, with no obligation. This package is designed for restaurants who would like the option to hire temporarily, with the option to make it long-term. And if you do not want to make it long-term, you may part ways; free of charge. 

Direct Hire Package

For restaurants, who like to hire the traditional way. We have over 5,000 possible candidates for your restaurant. All we need are the guidelines and let us lead the way. At The Restaurant Company, we guarantee our talent. If you are not satisfied, we provide a replacement; free of charge. Look into a package today. 

Let's find you the right package today. 

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