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So many reasons to choose The Restaurant Company. Get acquainted with all the tools we give you to save.

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Price is another thing that sets The Restaurant Company apart. There's a very noticeable difference in how you shop for, buy and work with The Restaurant Company. Experience it immediately—and continue to, the longer you're with us.

Here's some tips and tricks to save even more money on your quote!


Built in discounts and hands on consultants come standard

1. Set your own price discount

2. A more accurate package discount

Once you receive your quote, give your consultant a call @ 1.800596.4715 . Is your quote a little too pricey? Your consultant is ready to itemize your services to bring them at a lower rate. We are happy to find a path that is closer to your budget. 

3. Lowest price guarantee - price match

Our quotes are always accurate, because we let you create them. Consultants often paint their quotes is broad strokes, leaving clients with inflated pricing. Welcome to the world of Packages®. We allow you to create your own package, so you only pay for what you need. No more - no less. 

4. Money back - Lifetime guarantee

We are committed to winning you over. Just supply us with another quote and we will match it. Providing the same quality of service in the same amount of time. Just give your consultant a heads up and he will match that price. 

5. Stack your package discount

No other restaurant consulting company offer that. We do. We guarantee all our improvements to be managed in our Business Centers and trusted network shops for as long as the life of your business. If things don't hold up, we offer a lifetime, money back guarantee.

6. Pay in full discount

With every package you purchase, you can "stack" on another package for 20% less. For example: A client has purchased our Marketing Package and would also like to tighten up his/her menu, with a Menu Makeover Package. Because you "Stacked", The Restaurant Company will discount your contract by 20%. Now that's savings.

7. New restaurant discount

Our largest discount to date. Instead of paying monthly, you can pay for your package upfront. With our pay-in-full feature, we offer an immediate 10% discount from your package.

8. Multi-restaurant discount

New restaurants 6 months or newer could earn up to 10% in all TRC services. Now does that sound like a discount or what?

9. Long-term restauranteur discount

If the Restaurant Company services are required in more than one location you could save up to 25% on most of your restaurant consulting services. 

10. Military discount

Been running your business for a while? That could mean serious discounts with The Restaurant Company. If your restaurant has been in business for over 5 years, you maybe able to save up to 20% on most services.

*Keep in mind that packages, limits and retainers vary. You'll get more information when you quote. All packages are subject to policy terms and conditions.

The Restaurant Company is so proud to give back to those whom have given up so much for us. Active duty, retired military or members of the National Guard/Reserves may be eligible for 10% on their restaurant consulting services.

Fun Fact!

96% of our customers earn at least two discounts

There's no limit to how many discounts you can earn

Discounts don't change your actual package. It's just straight discount restaurant consulting without sacrificing the quality of our work. 

Automatic and in an instant! We apply discounts as soon as you start your quote. 

Already got a quote? Let's start saving.

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