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The profit is in the details



Get a quote on our Tune-up package & you could save over 8% a month on restaurant consulting*

The Restaurant Company

Refresher Package Anchor

Minor adjustments can equal major profits.


High employee turnover rate, excessive restaurant payroll, department of health restaurant violations, high food costs, and more—we have affordable Tune-up package options to protect you against just about anything. Get a quote, and you can customize your restaurant Tune-up package how you see fit. Sit back and watch things quickly change for the better.

How it works

From your first introduction to your big events, 4 easy steps and your restaurant consultant guides you through it all.



Get a quote


It's easy. Click the "Get a Quote" button

to let us know exactly what you need.

Retrieve your quote


A tailor made restaurant consulting quote will be directly emailed to you. You now have your own personal restaurant advisor. If your restaurant advisor needs any further details to complete your quote, they will contact you directly.

Let's get started


Your restaurant advisor will go over all of your package and discount restaurant consulting options, so we can get your restaurant goals completed. The Restaurant Company has everything you need. From small-wares packages to multi-level restaurant staffing and training programs. All designed to give your restaurant the re-start it needs. Let's turn your dreams into a reality! 

Still with you along the way


After we have tuned-up your restaurant, The Restaurant Company stays with you for the Follow-Through, to make sure you always have a helping hand to reach out to. A continuation of free restaurant consulting! 





Keep in mind that packages, limits and retainers vary. You'll get more information when you quote. All packages are subject to policy terms and conditions.

Savings are always refreshing. Get an instant quote today.

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