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The Restaurant Company

Refer our services and earn $1,000!



Do you


share your opinion on social media?

use platforms like Yelp, etc?

care about your community?

Love discovering new places?

watch food shows?


Love restaurants?


Or are you simply looking for a extra job? 




Do you want to make $1,000? Tell a restaurant in need about us and start making extra cash!



You are our best tool. We've had so many everyday people turn our referrals into a job. We get nothing but great information about restaurants, from the public. More than a third of our clients come from referrals. Through our Restaurant Referral Program, The Restaurant Company offers $1,000 when their referral signs up. Our highest referral earner-to-date currently earns $9,000/month.



















Please make sure you and the restaurant you're referring follow these steps to ensure a successful referral.

Quick & Easy

  • Please click the "Refer a Restaurant" button below, and fill-out the information requested. 

  • Within 24 hours, you will get an email providing you with a referral confirmation code.

  • We will then send an invitation to the your selected restaurant for service; with the matching confirmation code attached.

  • If the offer for service is accepted, a payment representative will contact you within 10 days to confirm your address and execute your payment.

Our highest earning referral specialist currently makes $9,000/month.

Start earning quick cash today!

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