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Build your own Startup package for the lowest rate. Get a Quote.

Start-Up Packages Anchor

Start-up packages that will protect your budget

With The Restaurant Company, it's up to you to choose the services you need. Contact your local agent to customize your services. No longer paying for unneeded services.

We are making a difference

We want you to succeed and actually enjoy your restaurant. The Restaurant Company is the only consulting firm that allows you to customize your packages. At The Restaurant Company, we cut the fat other consultants may force you to pay; such as initial consultation fees, vendor affiliations and travel expenses. A restaurant cannot survive, if a consultant takes the money it needs to grow.

Customize, add, subtract and win

Advisory Package: for owners with restaurant experience that may need on-call assistance throughout their process

If you've been to this rodeo before, but would like another opinion and connections along the way; this package is for you. One of our more popular packages. Owners get to experience a great start-up; by having a seven (7) day a week, on-call advisor in their pocket (or wherever you keep your phone). 


Advisory Program: Requires 1-2 visits. Majority of the work will be completed at our offices.

Checklist Package: for owners ​who are partially experienced and need a hands-on consultant to finish the task

If you have the know how, but are limited in resources; we've got you. A trained member of our consultation team will go through our step-by-step start-up checklist, to get a better understanding of what you have handled and what we need to cover. We then cut the fat and tailor make a plan, just for you. This leaves room for BIG savings. 

Hands-on Program: Requires 1-24 visits. All work is dependent of the work required. Work will be completed on location or at our offices.

Starter Package: for Owners who need a hands on consultant for their Start-up

The first time jitters? Doesn't matter when we take a hold of the reins and put this thing together for you.The Restaurant Company loves doing all that it takes to open a new restaurant, as well as, educating our new client; along the way. The goal is to give you that push so you can fly on your own! With this package, we include an additional follow-through program - Free of charge. This program is executed after opening, to assure your operations are continuing as planned.  

Hands-on Program requires 4-24 visits. Majority of the work will be completed on location.

Keep in mind that packages, limits and retainers vary. You'll get more information when you quote. All packages are subject to policy terms and conditions.

Only one way to save. Get your instant quote today!

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