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Vendor Packages


Get a quote & you can save up to $1,500

Save 30% or more on consulting—by stacking packages 

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Our vendor packages. Fully customized to you.


We’ll start building your custom package as soon as you quote


How you manage your vendors, how often you use them, hey, even your vendor costs. It’s all unique and so is your vendor package. Just get a vendor package quote, and we’ll automatically build a custom package with the perfect structure for your restaurant. It’s that simple. You quote. We customize. You get a package that’s all about your place. 


We know what you’re probably thinking, aren't all packages customized? When it comes to The Restaurant Company, yes. But, our vendor packages are even more detailed.



How we customize vendor packages and why it matters

Vendor packages are very different from most services offered by consultants. There are many different types of vendors and uses for them. These factors (and more) help us customize your package. This all boils down to the details.

No worries trying to tell us exactly what you need before you start. Just get your vendor quote, and we’ll customize a package for you. Simple enough, right?

#1 specialty vendor packages


Mostly because we offer some of the best vendor services in the industry.

Big Savings


Because we maintain longterm relationships with local and nationwide vendors, to increase savings when negotiating your agreements.



Negotiations package

It's perfect. If you want to stay competitive year-round, this will keep you operating at your best. This protects your restaurant inside and out while you’re operating at high volumes or preparing for your slow season. Whether it's for technology, dry goods, linens or your restaurants core product; we have created a patented method that keeps you current with price changes and is in constant search of lower prices with purveyors in your area. With this package, you will never have to wonder if you're paying too much. Piece of mind is everything. Let's start to get you there.



Sourcing package

If you know what you need, but don't know exactly what the best approach is to finding it or if you actually have no idea what you need, we can pretty much cover that too. This package is beneficial from pre-opening to your restaurants 20th anniversary. Let The Restaurant Company show you the most efficient and least expensive tools to get the job done. We can cover a full array of small wares to complete your start-up or find that one particular item your going to need, because you've decided to change the menu. Get a quote and let us know what you need today. 

Oh yeah, and the little doo-hickey that you use for the what-cha-ma-callit.


The unusual, unique, little things you need to make your restaurant run, that you’re not really sure what they're called. Yeah, we probably cover those things too. 

Get connected to the vendors you need. Get your instant quote today.

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