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The Restaurant Company




How The Restaurant Company began

On August 29, 1989, a group of local New Yorkers, who worked in the climate of the 85% restaurant failure rate, started The Restaurant Company. They wanted to provide the local restaurant owners with a sense of confidence and security, and they thought a hospitality support company was a good investment for a couple of restaurant guys who were tired of seeing their favorite places close and good people out of a job.

Since its beginning, The Restaurant Company has taken an innovative approach to consulting. We offered "What you need" detailed service packages before any other consulting company, and, in another industry first, we allowed customers to pay upfront payments at extremely discounted rates — an appealing option for those who couldn't afford the complete package payments. We also provided a "hands on" approach; where other consultants chose to provide documents and never show up to the party, The Restaurant Company prefer to be there for the action to ensure a great follow-through. The Restaurant Company wanted — and still wants — to make consulting just as easy to retain for the one location Mom & Pop restaurant, than it is for our major corporate clients. 

By 2000, The Restaurant Company's growth prompted a spread of new clients throughout the North America and Europe. In 2005, our board of directors immediately began looking for ways to distinguish the company from its competitors. In 2008, The Restaurant Company holdings was formed to invest, own and reformat restaurants that were in desperate need of saving. Today, the company entertains all levels of clients. From food trucks, to multi-level resorts and casinos.

Growth and Innovation

The Restaurant Company's steady growth continued through the years, which helped fuel the decision to expand in 2000. The next 15 years saw steady growth for the company, and in 2015, The restaurant company surpassed 300 clients. 

Our business methodology was to approach consulting in an innovative way — like no other consultant or consulting company had. From that mindset came the following industry standards and achievements:

  • In 2007, we introduced our Follow-Through® program, available to all clients, to provide customers with to opportunity to maintain monitoring systems and support - Free of charge- after their contract has expired.

  • In 2009, The Restaurant Company was recognized as the most sought out company for employment through independent restaurant consultants.

  • Also in 2013, we introduced the Restaurant Assessment® program, a cutting-edge way to completely review a potential clients company -Free of charge! Allowing a restaurant owners to get the lowest rate for only paying for what they need. Now all packages are precise and to the point.  Clients no longer had to call several consultants to with uncertainty of what they are getting and comparing rates — in one phone call or click of a button on our website, your get exactly the information you need. 

  • Another industry first in 2013 was the introduction of the Hands-on® program, a specially designed program that has trained all of our consultants to handle your restaurant, on location. You no longer have to worry, whether a consultant will be at your location, doing the work. The Restaurant Company consultants are all hands on and qualified to every position in your restaurant. Restaurants are no longer step-by-step books, we are here.......literally.  

In the late 2000s, The Restaurant Company changed its documentation focus to provide a better overall experience for their clients, including the bottom line. This focus helped us launch our Franchisable® packages — another industry first — in 2008. With this level of service, The Restaurant Company oversees all elements of the restaurants processes on behalf of the client, which allows the Mom & Pop restaurants to reach the goal of becoming a Franchise or allows current Franchisees to regain the standards and increase the overall profit they desire. Clients simply drop their reins, and The Restaurant Company management team will do the rest. 

Currently, The Restaurant Company is one of the largest consulting groups in the United States, thanks to innovations including precision rates and our training programs. Our growth continues at a steady pace, too: Between 2012 and 2017, The Restaurant Company has grew an average of 16% percent per year.

Online Quotes and Beyond

In 2016, when the internet traffic was at it's peak, The Restaurant Company stepped ahead of the competition and became the first major consulting company in the world to create a website that provided immediate response to restaurant owners in need. Initially, the site was primarily informational, but it soon became more interactive. By September of 2016, consumers could obtain low rate quotes online, and by 2017, they could design their own consulting packages in real time.

The site has continually evolved with technology, and today, clients can obtain the following features, on The Restaurant Company's Web site:

Choose just one package or piece them together as you see fit, we are leaving it up to you!

What's Next?


We want to stay one step ahead of the competition by offering Clients the packages and services they want, when they want them. It's our philosophy — and it's helped make us one of the largest consulting companies in the country.

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