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A different kind of protection


Health and Safety packages. Join the #1 specialty Health & Safety program provider for as low as $125/month*

Health & Safety Anchor

Operate with confidence. Health & Safety packages.

Front of the house service, bar, kitchen or wherever else you can operate with the same powerful protection. All you have to do is add your Health or Safety packages in your quote, and you'll be taken care of; when the health department pays you a visit.


Health & Safety programs for the foward-thinking owner

Department of Health Prevention Package

For: Owners who have failed or would like to be prepare for a health inspection. 

This is a time sensitive situation. Expecting a follow-up or an upcoming DOH inspection. Our DOH prevention package protects you. If you've received multiple violations; we resolve those issues internally, as well as, represent your case to the DOH for resolution. If you are expecting a visit, we have a sure fire method in making sure you pass with flying colors. As a follow through, we provide an Inspections Package; to secure you for future visits.

                   Hands-on Program

                       Requires 2-4 visits. Majority of the work will be                                completed at your restaurant

Franchise Health & Safety Program

For: Owners that would like to formalize their H&S program like the corporate restaurants

Your processes have been added to and subtracted from; so much that you're not sure what should be final. Even more importantly, what's going to save you the most money. It's time to etch this in stone. After thorough research of your restaurant and a handful of corporate tricks of the trade, we customized a great health & safety program to function with your processes. One step closer to making your machine run on it's own. 

                    Hands-on Program

                        Requires 1-2 visits. Majority of the work will be                            completed at our offices.

HACCP Package

For: Owners that have processes that require a Haccp plan and training.

This is a specialized package that we offer; soup to nuts. We gather the core elements of the restaurant processes. In addition to a categorical hazard breakdown, flow diagram, training plans, SOP's and additional scientific data; we also submit the program for approval.  

                  Advisory Program

                    Requires 1-2 visits. Majority of the work will be                               completed at our offices.

Inspections Package

For: Owners that would like to ensure consistent health & safety standards 

We have created this package as a follow-through or maintenance program to ensure that the culture we have created continues. On a quarterly basis, our team of advisors provide impromtu inspections and training to ensure a better health-based culture. The Restaurant Companys goal isn't to make sure you pass the next inspection, it's to create a culture that never fails inspection again. 

                     Hands-on Program

                         Requires 3-5 visits. Majority of the work will be                              completed at your restaurant

Keep in mind that packages, limits and retainers vary. You'll get more information when you quote. All packages are subject to policy terms and conditions.

Let's get you up to code. Get your instant quote today.

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