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The Restaurant Company

Terms & Conditions: Restaurant Start-up 

TRC’s scope of work includes site visit(s) to location and/or office. We would request the pertinent members of CLIENT’s team be present during design charrette meetings. For expedience on schedule of CLIENT’s project, we request CLIENT have pertinent developers, vendors or contractors during design charrette meetings.


Consulting and research services offered by qualified consultants


The Restaurant Company

Scope of Services and Schedule
Programming – not to exceed thirty (30) business days

  • Interview with Ownership and pertinent management for vision and assessment of concept, current/future needs and coordination of scheduling.

  • Market analysis of current landscape; demographics, competition and niche discovery. Initiate communications with pertinent associates as a basis for scheduling, ordering, sourcing and/or implementations.

  • Define project – develop a comprehensive work plan and timeline conducive to the presumed budget/time restrictions.

    Planning – TBD, with the exception of on-going services

    Timeline executed per schedule. All executions shall be performed as a basis of restaurant concept development and opening. Said executions may include but are not limited to.

  • Work in conjunction with vendors, developers, designers and contractors as a basis for restaurant concept development, project management and startup.

  • Review, Advise and finalization of Layout plans; floor plan, reflected ceiling plan, general equipment plan, elevations and finish plan.

  • Review, Advise and finalization of drawing setup, schematic planning, working programming for kitchen requirements integrated to final layout to develop a concept package – electronic PDF file with a “Look and Feel” of materials and furnishing.

  • Review, Advise and finalization of restaurant design, including aesthetic. Rendered elevations, finish plan and schedule of materials. Upon request, Source long-lead items and startup kitchen/bar equipment.

  • Documentation, financial planning and programming for new operations and kitchen standards to support new concept. All programs, including menu recommendations shall be created to enhance new concept operations. – Electronic PDF files with accurate, ready to use standardized material; conducive to recommended ticket times and goal based profit margins.

  • Finalization of Menu Package, including review of item menu cards, portion descriptions, comprehensive product cost analysis (PCA), listed recipe book, preparation equipment per item, designated storage location, procedure illustrations, visual product presentation(s), pricing recommendations and completing directions – electronic PDF files with accurate, ready to use standardized menu; conducive to recommended ticket times and profit margins.


Consulting and research services offered by qualified consultants


The Restaurant Company

Project Administration
General coordination support for restaurant development intent

Excluded from the Basic Services Construction Administration Staff Training

Additional Agreements


  1. TRC guarantees Health Department compliance of all provided plans, and will make corrections if needed to achieve approval. If applicable, any HACCP menu flow charts required by Health Department will be the responsibility of OWNERSHIP and/or Operator. All fees required by the Health Department or for permitting of any kind will be the responsibility of the OWNERSHIP.

  2. If OWNERSHIP elects to retain a third party service to compliment any services provided by TRC, TRC is not responsible for the technical accuracy of programs, illustrations or applications created by that third party services.

  3. Some meetings mentioned in this agreement may be conducted online via WebEx, Skype, etc.

  4. All TRC designs, illustrations, programs, specifications, and details prepared for this project are for the exclusive use of this specific project. Any unauthorized use of these documents, in any form, is strictly prohibited. OWNERSHIP is to provide TRC with most recent documents and illustrations, pertaining to above named establishment.

  5. Limited Warranty: All services will be performed to the highest professional, accepted standards of practice and accuracy. In the event of an error or omission by TRC, its liability shall be limited solely to timely corrections, at its cost and expense, to the original programs and/or documents as required. This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the law of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  6. Integrity Statement: TRC is an independent restaurant consulting firm. One hundred percent of our income is from our clients. We work solely in the interest of our clients. TRC does not participate in any incentive programs from any manufacturers or vendors. Equipment or technology specified for this project is chosen specifically and solely on the quality and the appropriate use for the client.

  7. If applicable, TRC will submit invoices for services rendered based upon the fee schedule. Payment is due upon authorization of agreement. Invoices that exceed 30 days will be assessed an interest charge of 1.5% per month. If TRC is forced to commence collection proceedings due to unpaid bill(s), the client is responsible for all collection cost, including reasonable attorney’s fees. TRC reserves the right to stop work on projects which have invoices that reach five (5) days past due, as well as to hold the issuance of completed work until the payment is received unless specifically noted otherwise. If TRC files legal action against the client for client’s failure to pay in a timely manner or any other breaches of this contract by the client, the client is liable for all litigation costs incurred by TRC, including reasonable attorney’s fees.

  8. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Agreement to the contrary, Client or TRC, shall have the right to terminate this Agreement in writing at any time, whereupon client shall forfeit any amount previously paid services rendered, plus any related reimbursable expenses to client, and upon payment of such amount to TRC, this Agreement shall terminate. Any verbal agreements not contained in the foregoing are null and void. TRC may use Client’s likeness to make any written public statement, such as advertisements, marketing materials, or press releases, referring to the existence or terms of the Agreement, or the relationship memorialized by the Agreement.

  9. The information pertaining to this quote has been generated based on the information currently in the possession of TRC. It is being provided solely for the sake of client comprehension. The total will be affected by applicable discounts and state sales tax rate.

  10. This proposal is invalid after fifteen (15) days if not approved by the client within that time.

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