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Let's figure it out. Get a complete overview of your restaurant, today with our Restaurant Assessment package. 

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From the basics to the full picture of your restaurant 



We make getting to know your restaurant easy: On the path to bigger savings, our restaurant consulting team will take the path of finding out where things maybe falling short and opportunities to win. This way The Restaurant Company can see exactly what's recommended for you—no more, no less—with our Restaurant Assessment Package. Before you pay an arm and a leg with other restaurant consultants, get to know what services you actually need and how much these restaurant consulting services should cost. It's about only paying for what you need. The Restaurant Company will work with you to create a package with these specific services available, what some restaurant consultants refer to as "full coverage restaurant consulting" isn't always the best option. It's simple...Buy only what you need, save on your restaurant consulting and feel happy that you did.

Another great way to save: If you already know what you need in your restaurant, check out our Checklist® program to get you started. Cha-Ching! 

Keep in mind that restaurant consulting packages, limits and retainers vary. You'll get more information when you quote. All packages are subject to policy terms and conditions.

Let's see what's under that hood. Get your instant quote today!

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