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The Restaurant Company

                               New York, NY






Project Description

The New York landmark for fashion and media icons, elite events and a privileged dining experience. Pier 59 studios restaurant and cafe is a game-changer in upper-echelon entertainment venues, combining multiple elements of hospitality: bar, juice bar, cafe, catering service, high-end restaurant, and 16 major studios supporting everything from NYFW, to ELLE photoshoots, to Kardashian events and more. An all set award-winning design and the highest standard of furnishings imported from Bali........Not to mention the $500,000.00 silver Harley-Davidson motor cycle strategically placed on display. But let's not forget about the food, the food is not an afterthought at Pier 59. Amid celebrity patrons; such as, Oprah Winfrey, Vera Wang and Robert Deniro; we provided a celebrity of our own. The Chef. Executive Chef Simone Cucchiara's guests are served gourmet Italian fare prepared in a lively full-service kitchen and quality craft cocktails served from an impressive towering steel fabricated bar. The result is a truly immersive environment that elevates the entertainment venue experience.






















Project Details

Location: New York, New York 

Partners: The Restaurant Company Internal, The Parma Agency

Client Expectation: To transition a slow-paced cafe into a completely operational full-service, fine-dining restaurant; which shall also support high capacity events and daily catering functions.

Completion: 2015

Scope: Recruitment, Operational Structure, Payroll Support, Sourcing, Low-end and Managerial Training, Inventory Programming, Food Cost Analysis and Programming, IT Structure and Programming, Management Relations, Cafe transitions to Full Service Programs.

Pier 59 Studios

Pier 59 Case Study Anchor
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