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The Restaurant Company

                                           Waterside - Norfolk, VA.




Project Description

Three major installments in an all together 40 million dollar project. The Waterside District boasts the epicenter of its surrounding communities. One of Norfolk's largest landmarks and investments to date. A pier-bound mall consisting on six major restaurants and eight fast-casual installments. The Restaurant Company's ultimate goal was to seamlessly establish multiple sub-cultures, within one functioning umbrella. As we crafted four out of the sixteen venues, it was important create environments that were could easily transition into their new homes. PBR Country bar, Blue Moon Taphouse, Stripers and Luk Fu have become destinations for the cities of Hampton Roads and have set a tone for competing malls. For originality sake, we ensured each menu maintained it's brand identity and had a separate identity from it's neighboring venue. Each restaurant is designed to visually and phonetically delight the senses with a refined culinary hits, as the key focal point.
























Project Details

Location: Norfolk, Virginia 

Partners: The Restaurant Company Internal, Next Step Design, Sysco Foods, WTKR Television

Client Expectation: To head the effort of implementing four (4) restaurants in a renovated mall setting.

Completion: 2017

Scope: Project Management (Construction & Start-up), Furniture Installments, Menu Branding and Development, Vendor Relations & Contract Negotiations, Branding Programs, Licensing, POS Sourcing and Install, Operations, Staffing, Training, IT Sourcing and Install, Accounting and Inventory Systems.

Waterside District

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